Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sore fingers.

Well I tried all the scissor suggestions and still the only ones which cut really nicely at the stork ones which are killing my thumb.
It is only Tuesday but already this week we have had a broken boiler (we will replace it in the summer), a minor fault with one of the cars and a few slates off the roof. I am counting that as the three things which come at the same time.
It doesn't look like much. I am nearly there. I have war wounds fighting this but the end is in sight.
If I were professional I would have hung this before photographing. I am not so here it is draped over one of the sofas in the kitchen.
And I still haven't decided what to do in the very centre.

I woke up this morning not sure whether the boiler (furnace) would be fixed. I has been, but I dressed in a full set of thermal underwear prepared for the worse case scenario. It got very hot under that quilt today!

Edit. Just to clarify. This is the back of the quilt with a layer of batting on the back. I have cut out round each motif and applique to create faux trapunto when I add a final layer of batting and I quilt it.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Tutorial Page.

If you follow me, you might want to add the Tutorial page I have added. I will be adding more of them as and when I post or find them in old posts. It seems if you are following the blog, page additions don't show up in your feed. You will have to add the page to your feed, Bloglovin or whatever you use.

You can find it above each post to the right or click here for the link.

If you know of any of my posts you think I should add to this page, just let me know.